What's The Book About? 
Mark Hoverson impacted lives around the world while running an online business that generated over $20,000,000 through direct response marketing. After a brave battle with cancer, Mark's wife Shannon & a group of his closest friends came together to share stories of his LEGACY in this new book. Listen to what some of them had to say below...

"Mark didn't just make me think about business differently, he made me think about family differently."  

If there is anything that is the Mark Hoverson Legacy for Tim Sales, it is that, "Can we ever be prepared enough?"

Mark always would ask, 
"What is the most important part of any email?
Answer: The 'SENDER' name. 

We are all gathered here because 'Mark' impacted our lives. "
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Inside Of This Book, Here Is Just Some Of What You'll Discover...
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Mark Hoverson was one of the most exceptional entrepreneurs, husband, father and friend to have lived on this earth.

His inviting way of letting you “see” his life for what it was, no more, no less was nothing short of extraordinary.

The 17 authors inside are some of those who got to see inside Mark’s business, family and thoughts. In this book, they share with you, their biggest insights they will carry with them as they live to create their own “Legacy Driven” life.

As his wife and his biggest fan, I am a little biased, but, as you will read inside of this book, Mark’s impact went beyond me.

A true legacy spreads and continues to spread through all those who have been exposed positively by you.

Mark Hoverson was a living example of how to create a "Legacy Driven" Life.

- Shannon Hoverson
Shannon hoverson
Shannon Hoverson is a recently widowed Mother of 4 who is bravely moving forward in her new journey apart from her Entrepreneurial husband, Mark Hoverson. Shannon is in charge of the businesses left behind and is in the process of putting the final touches on her own 'story book' which she hopes will encourage those who read it to continue to create their legacy on this earth no matter what trials and pains come their way.
ALSO... Inside of the book, the authors share some of the insights, wisdom and stories that have NEVER been shared before to the public.
  • In the Foreward, Shannon Hoverson shares a sneak peek into Mark and her's life. The intimate and humble beginning where it all began. HINT: It may involve mangoes and cigars. Shannon also shares the love, struggle and pain that life brought their way through poverty, success and then loss due to cancer and the drive to serve others during it all. 
Aaron Fortner shares how Mark had negotiated private studio time at a world class    recording studio in Tempe, Arizona, well known among music elites for decades.

Numerous gold records and pictures adorned the walls showing the musical giants who had recorded their masterpieces behind these glass panels. 

Priceless instruments were displayed in every open space, and each attendee was, of course, given the support of highly skilled musicians.
What was obvious was that these doors would not have opened for a fee, especially to a large group of non-musical 18-23-year-olds.

How Mark persuaded this very private invitation from the owner is still unknown. 

A dream sparked an idea that became reality. It was a spectacular show of confident creativity and follow-through. -pg. 4
 "You need a vision for your life so big it REQUIRES GOD’S assistance."
-Mark Hoverson
Aaron Rashkin shares how Over the next few days, I received emails from Mark. 

They were some of the most thought provoking, yet colorful emails, filled with words that had me running for an Urban Dictionary.

Little did I know that it was carefully planned out, as was Mark’s business plan, launch strategy, and pretty much his entire life.

The guy was a master strategist, like nobody I’d ever met before. -pg 8
Adam Holland shares how It was 2008. I was broke. Unemployed. And just getting my feet wet as an affiliate marketer. I was promoting Global Resorts Network and came across Mark’s branding video. 

In an industry of hype, flash, and empty promises...

Mark was different. Far different.

The video started with a nod to his authority in the marketplace... him walking to the front of a conference room to talk to a few hundred people.

How he started his business with a used laptop and just over a year later his business had done over $3 million.

So, you may be wondering... “How is that NOT hype!?”

The story may have been what caught the viewers attention - Mark knew exactly how to get attention and KEEP IT...

But ultimately the rest of the video was about family, his work ethic, and leaving a legacy.

Everyone who watched that video felt the electricity coming from their computer screen. 

The charisma. The confidence. The character. -pg13
Watch Below:
Mark Hoverson's Personal Branding video that the author, adam holland, described above.
"You can learn more about someone in an hour of play with them than anything else."
-Mark Hoverson
Brenda Gagne shares that Later on the next day we sat outside by the pool writing emails to our list.

He critiqued my email 3 times before it was good enough to send out. I sat next to him at his desk looking at the biggest computer I’d ever seen, and we wrote a Google PPC ad together. I watched his eyes light up as we played around with the words, and saw how excited he got as we crafted the “perfect ad”. 

We took breaks playing Badminton, and playing with Luther, his golden retriever in the back yard. 

The entire time he was narrating about why he was doing what he was doing, and what he was thinking about while he did it. 

I was so intrigued at how meticulous he integrated his work life with his family life. I saw the success he had created all around me in everything he said and did. -pg.22
Brian Fanale shares that Mark could tell I was a bit nervous about bringing our new product-line to the market because of the higher price tag.  And I remember asking Mark if he had any tips about selling higher ticket products, or any tips around selling in general that would help get our message out to our audience. 

Mark’s reply was, “Fanale, selling is how you change their life.”

And this perspective is one I’ve embraced ever since, and its served me well.

That night Mark went on to tell me that if you believe in your products and services (I do), you have an obligation to sell them.

In fact it’s your duty to sell them. 

"If you don’t passionately sell your products that you believe in, and you allow people to buy into their own BS excuses, you are robbing them of making a decision that will change their life." -Mark Hoverson  -pg 34
And That's JUST The First 50 Pages...

You'll Also hear stories from more authors about how Mark was the catalyst to taking their whole life (relationships, inner being, spirituality, business and more) to the next level. 

Shannon Hoverson concludes the book with the importance to continue on with your life with gusto amongst the pain and trials of life to continue on YOUR legacy and so to not rob others of your gifts you were given. 
"I absolutely loved being able to observe your family and the relationship you and mark shared. It was an incredible balance of respect and love like I’ve never seen before. I think one of the things I appreciate most now that I’m a parent is how you and mark would openly talk about the discipline and “messiness” of parenthood. If someone was being a punk, you guys didn’t hide it and pretend everything was perfect, you’d let us see how you guys would handle the situation and then explain why you handled it in the way you did.

Aside from the infinite amount of business wisdom I gained from Mark, I gained an incredible amount of family and spouse based principles that have helped me in my relationships as a husband and father now."

-Kota Ivers (A Mentee of Mark's for 6 years.)

Mark Hoverson - business leader and family legacy
watch below: and see mark in his element as he hosted live events and trained his son, Isaac in the ways of hospitality. 
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"Mark was one of the very first guys to use YouTube to market.  
He was so far ahead of his time."
"We never did business together but it didn't matter. 
We were so close and we would do family Thanksgivings together. 
Talking business, talking family and smoking cigars. 
That's what I loved about our friendship, 
it was based on friendship and love."
 Mark is so incredibly competent in so many skillsets and to have that in one person is incredible." 
listen below: as SHANny and Some of the authors share  inside stories into the greatness of Mark Hoverson.
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